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Site or database name: Births, Marriages & Deaths Certificate Exchange Site

Description: This site is for people to list any Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates that they may have acquired in error, I myself have done this on a couple of occasions, thought that I had found one of my ancestors, only to discover that after purchasing the certificate he/she was indeed not the person that I was looking for, so these certificates usually end up in the back of my files. I set up the Certificate Exchange Site solely for this purpose, I do hope that you will find this site to be of use, it is Totally Free to enter details of any certificate you may have spare, and there are no charges whatsoever to view the listings on this site, if you do see a certificate that is of interest to you, all you have to do is click on the 'email' in the Contact column, you will then be able to contact the person who has entered the listing.

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