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Site or database name: The Roskup Family Home Page

Description: I am researching the Roskup family from Minsk, Russia. Joseph Roskopf first appears in a Passport which was issued in Tambov January 24, 1913, and Pauline Josephovna Roskopf,issued in Saratov February 27, 1914 and both had crossed the border,and do not show their return. They eventually had Five sons, Joseph, Peter, Edward, Jake and Andrew. Plus Four daughters, Rose,Mary,Pauline,and Katherine. I am trying to find information on the Passenger ship or ships and immigration of Joseph and Pauline Roskopf (Roskup) I am also researching the Losee,Albrecht,Donohoe,Golly,Coder,Malloy,Sedivek,Poggenpohl and VanOrden Families. Any information would be appreciated. I am also willing to share the information that I have.

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