Other Lord of the Rings Web Sites

An awesome encyclopedia of everything to do with Middle Earth. From Adanedhel to Zirakzigil, you'll find it here. A beautiful site, obviously lovingly designed.

Answers to all your questions about Middle Earth, balrogs, dwarves, hobbits, elves, humans, ents, rings, Tolkien, and more. A great site!

Really funny comic strips which parody the Lord of the Rings.

Trailers, Behind the Scenes Information, Photo Gallery, Fan Club, and more.

Up to date news and information about the movie, literature, collectibles, and more. Also includes messageboard and image gallery.

A large fan site and media repository: audio, artwork, essays, poetry, maps, and lots more.

Destination for everything related to the Lord of the Rings movies. Latest news, images, Movie FAQ, and a really cool trivia page, with questions ranging from easy to insane.

Investigates the link between myth and reality in Tolkien's books. Also has a "Book of Hobbit Wisdom"

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